I was delighted to be invited to the WVIA studios to spend some time with Erika Funke, who hosts the popular daily ArtsScene segment. We talked about my education and varied career a bit, but the real focus of the interview was on creative nonfiction, Hippocampus Magazine and its upcoming, inaugural creative nonfiction writing conference. Listen, below. (You’ll need just under 20 minutes to listen to it in its entirety.)

When I heard this live on WVIA (I had recorded it earlier), I was just blown away. Erika is not just a wonderful and thoughtful host, but she’s also an amazing producer. This was such a tight interview! Thanks, Erika, for making me sound so good!

[P.S. I made three ‘verbal typos’ in my excitement. I graduated college at 29, Jane Friedman has 200k not 20k Twitter followers and I flubbed a sentence saying “memoir” instead of “mentor”…]