Earlier this year, Helix Education released its Enrollment Growth Playbook, a guide to attracting and retaining students. More recently, the company morphed the idea behind that book (to grow enrollment) into an online game of sorts.

screenshot of helix game - hero in provost office

In Enrollment Growth Hero, you, the player, will turn into a caped campus crusader, visiting various stakeholders across campus to discuss enrollment growth strategy. During your journey, you’ll start with a charge from the president, and then you’ll set off to complete your challenge by interacting with folks across campus.

As you meet your campus partners, you’ll have a conversation—just like in those classic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, you’ll get to choose what you do next (as in choosing your response—will you be snarky? Serious?). As you complete the game and the characters come to life, you’ll literally walk through the process of getting a cross-campus team on board. Industry in-jokes and all.

I don’t want to give too much away here, because part of the fun in this game is the discovery between each new building you enter and each different colleague you encounter. The only tip I’ll give is to click around—think beyond the buildings as you peruse campus!

Helix had a lot of fun with this project, from the trailer with its flying-through-space intro to a cast of campus characters that we can all likely relate to—and the graphics and soundtrack, unique to each office you visit, adds to the vibe of this fun game.

Enrollment Growth Hero is a game that reinforces that collaboration it takes to reach goals. I encourage you to take a few minutes away from your work at hand and explore this virtual campus. It’s a nod to the early computer games many of us have played—so you’ll feel a bit nostalgic for the past as you plan for your institution’s future!


I believe in transparency. This is a sponsored post; I was asked to provide a fair review of this resource, and if you interact with or download a resource via a link on this blog post, I may receive compensation.