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I’ve been honored to have been featured in various local and regional publications and outlets, whether being interviewed as a source or featured as part of the story. Here’s a look at some of the more recent ink: (If you are looking for speaking engagements, go here.)

**(Note – this page needs to be updated; I am digging through records to gather everything; there are many media updates since 2010! — 1/27/2015)

Interviews & Appearances

Subject Matter Expert/Source, mentions, social media/PR/Other media:


Featured in story – non-career-related/human interest:


donna talarico happenings cover shoot One of the interior photos from the cover story of Happenings Magazine.


Academic & Alumni Publications:

  • Elizabethtown College’s The Etownian
  • Wilkes University’s Beacon, various
  • Wilkes University’s The Medium, Fall 2009
  • Wilkes University’s The Medium, Winter 2010

For Fun: Coverage of Articles I Wrote:

“Donna Talarico Says ‘SweetSpot Takes Feminine Hygiene to New Levels'”; SweetSpot blog, 2000