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red house in poconos donna talaricoI moved.  A lot. By age thirteen, I already had three dads and lived in more houses than years I was alive.

DOOR TO DOOR: A MEMOIR is an 80,000-word coming-of-age tale suited for both adults and the YA audience, in the vein of THE GLASS CASTLE, THIS BOY’S LIFE and RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE with a hint of RUNNING WITH SCISSORS.

DOOR TO DOOR explores my childhood being raised by popular entertainers in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains and follows me through adolescence, where a geographical leap would distance me from my adoptive father.

Initial obstacles of being the chubby new seventh-grader with braces are replaced with bigger problems when my mother marries my archenemy, or as he calls himself, my “Groundation Officer.”  While my mother works around the clock, I avoid being alone with my abusive, unemployed step-dad by starting an after-school job selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door.  My success at sales and quirky teenage adventures with the newspaper crew offer an escape from the harrowing family events unpacked at each new address.

While my mother and step-dad grow a family of their own, I grow up fast on the streets of Tulsa, finding the stability, affection and acceptance I didn’t get at home from the boys with which I work– including my irresponsible boss.  As I grow into adulthood, I learn the emptiness experienced as a child is still in my heart and set off to fill it.

I am presently seeking representation for DOOR TO DOOR: A MEMOIR.

  • Kevin

    Hi this may sound crazy but I am pretty sure I saw your step father perform in about 1992. I bought a cassette tape after seeing him and on it was a beautiful song I think it was titled “pictures on the Wall”. Don’t know if this is the same guy but just wanted to say I always loved that song and wish to this day I still had that tape! My name is Kevin and my email is If there is a way to buy that album or song would you mind sending me info, thanks. Hope your dad is well!