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I’ve contributed copy for, among others, eCommerce and higher education websites. It would be exhaustive to share every page of content I’ve created so, instead, I’ve provided screen shots and links below.

Higher Education

Elizabethtown College – the brand new E-town College website went live in May 2011. I created much of the new top level content and worked with academic departments and offices to help them create their content. For the initial website launch, I was part of a two-man team that populated the entire website. Aside from web content, I played a role in the entire development process (as part of the College’s web team) and worked with our two vendors, mStoner (design) and OmniUpdate (CMS).

screen shot of

Elizabethtown College View Book Website – the E-town College view book was completely redesigned for the 2012-2013 recruiting season. The fun and vibrant print piece–and its ‘redefine’ theme–was also translated into a companion website filled with story-telling.

etown redefined site

eCommerce Industry

Solid Cactus – wrote all new copy for redesigned corporate website – launched in spring of 2010. Much of my copy is still live on this website.

screen shot of solid cactus homepage

screen shot of cactus homepage showing web design

1ShoppingCart and 1SC Stores – wrote all copy (on page and graphics) for new website, which launched in spring 2010. Also for 1ShoppingCart’s then-new product,

screen shot of homepage

Cactus Connect – wrote content for Solid Cactus’ then-new email marketing program. And I also created the name — my suggestion, Cactus Connect, was selected from multiple employee suggestions!

screen shot of cactus connect homepage