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Here are some comments from clients, colleagues and attendees.

Client Feedback

Donna Talarico is the ultimate professional. She constantly has her finger on the pulse of social media – what platforms to make priorities, how to optimize engagement, etc. She is the perfect person to audit your social media presence to provide fresh eyes and reveal the crackling façade before your audience sees it.  Her tips were invaluable and I can not wait to welcome her back to campus.

 – Joseph Giomboni, Assistant Director of Public Relations, King’s College 

Presentations & Workshops

Donna is one of the most creative writers and teachers I know. She blends computer design and social media; displays excellent instructional skills and a sense of humor; gets massive amounts of work done on time while generating new ways of completing those tasks. And, she is comfortable in both a higher education setting and in the business environment. She is a valued colleague in many ways. -Jane Elmes-Crahall in 2010, after I developed and taught Wilkes’ communication department first social media course.

Donna brought 25 of my advanced public relations students into the world of twittering. And they loved it. She built a bridge between traditional writing for PR and social media, without making it sound like a foreign country. She relates very well to my students in a dynamic, conversational training style. – Dr. Jane Elmes-Crahall, Professor of Communication Studies, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (2009  in-class guest-speaking visit)


A Few LinkedIn Testimonials from Former Colleagues – Editorial/Communications

Donna Talarico is a trendsetter, not a trend follower. She watches for new concepts in communication and sets her own path toward perfection. She is a researcher who checks out what works, makes comparisons and adds her own creative spin. The result has always been successful — and often quite fun. Though I’m older and have been in the field for many years, I learned so much from Donna about new — and old — ways to communicate concepts and ideas, how to market programs and events in higher ed. She has a natural ability to teach. Donna also sees the big picture, while also dealing with the details. That is a rarity. Most do one or the other. She does both with professionalism and flair. –Elizabeth Harvey, communications manager at Elizabethtown College

Donna is a very talented writer and hard worker whose knowledge of social media, traditional news media and marketing tactics combine to make her a powerful asset to any organization looking to establish or enhance their public profile. – Jack Chielli, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Wilkes University

Donna is one of the most enterprising writers I’ve ever met. I have been working with her for several years, and her extensive background in just about everything makes her an endless fount of ideas. I’ve known her to turn around a story on a dime – and knock a long-form cover story out of the park. Donna’s creativity is an absolute inspiration. – Nikki Mascali (at the time of this testimonial, assistant editor of The Weekender)

Donna is a conscientious and creative writer and reporter. During my tenure as editor of the Weekender, I was confident in her ability to handle the stories we assigned to her as a freelance correspondent, especially the more “leftfield”-type pieces. Her embracing and mastery of social media is also a valued asset to any team or company. –-Michael Lello (at the time of this testimonial, editor of The Weekender)

Donna had been open to creative freelance writing assignments and often times generated her own concepts and ideas. She had much success conducting interviews and was extremely flexible in terms of scheduling and accepting assignments. –Kristie Grier Ceruti (This testimonial refers to when she was my editor at The Weekender)

Hiring Donna to write for the Independent Magazine was a pleasure. She always delivered a great story and had a pulse on what was happening in the local community. I would highly recommend both Donna and her work. –David Hage (at the time of this testimonial, an editor at The Independent magazine)

Donna comes through every time we need a reliable writer to take on a tough assignment in a timely manner. Highly recommended. – John Plucenik (at the time of this testimonial, publisher of The Independent)

A Few LinkedIn Testimonials from Former Colleagues – Sales & Marketing

Donna always knows exactly what to write to make her articles relevant to the widest of audiences. She has an uncanny ability to educate you and entertain you at the same time. With one of the most dynamic personalities and work-drive that I’ve seen in sales, I have no doubt that she will be successful. – Al Anelli (at the time of this testimonial he was a director at Solid Cactus, where I was in sales.)

When anyone talks to Donna you know right off you are talking to a professional. She has great sales skills and genuinely cares for the needs of our clients. Pleasant to work with and always positive she is one of the Super Stars at Solid Cactus. Her writing and interviewing skills for our E-Biz Insider Magazine makes her a multifaceted expert in e-commerce. Any of our clients that get to work with her are lucky to do so I wish I had 10 more like her. Thanks Donna for all you do! – Phil Gaughan (at the time, he was director of sales)

I worked with Donna for several years. She is a consistent top performer and exceeded her goals on a regular basis. Donna is very creative and has an unbridled passion and enthusiasm to excel at whatever she chooses to do. She would be a welcome asset on any Team. – Lou Pagnotti (at the time, he was director of sales)