Below are some samples of copywriting for print media, mostly recruitment materials for higher education. [PDFs available upon request] In addition to writing copy for these pieces, I was integral to the creative conceptualization of the theme, and I worked closely with the College’s creative director (whose design skills make my portfolio look extra nice, but the look is all her.)

Elizabethtown Everywhere.

“Elizabethtown. Everywhere.” was the theme of the college’s view book [too large to share here] for the past few years. Along with the larger view book, several supplemental pieces carried the theme of using directional words. Here are some examples that show how Signature Learning was displayed in that view book, and in a postcard series.




admissions postcard - sign here


Elizabethtown Redefined.

The view book and entire admissions suite the few year prior was Elizabethtown College redefined. You can see the same playful use of language in these examples.












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