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Helix Education’s The Enrollment Growth Playbook Offers Sage Advice for Higher Education Professionals in Admissions, Marketing, and Advising – A Review

  You can tell a lot about a book’s author by its dedication page. Sometimes authoring a book is collective effort of experts, such as in Helix Education’s The Enrollment Growth Playbook: How to Launch, Market & Grow Successful Online & On-Campus Programs. The dedication in this orange, bound guide reads: To those who believe

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Request Denied: The True Story of How I Got My Start in Higher Ed Social Media

[This rather long blog post originally appeared at my work-life balance project All the Stuff Done, but I thought this was a better home for it, so I moved it here and recapped it there. Thanks for letting me talk that through.] I found ‘my space’ in higher ed social media in 2006; ‘My ideas’