Image courtesy of Monelli Films/Photo by Melissa Engle

She smiles with her whole body. That’s how Jenny Hill describes hooping. She’s a multi-talented, multi-hooping machine, and she performs in schools and on the street, at burlesque shows and private parties. She gives lessons. She wows people. With everything she does, really.

Hooping is just one of Jenny’s many talents, and it was the subject of One Hoops, the third installment of Monelli Films‘ Lancaster Trilogy.

This film is moving. You go into this short thinking it’s going to be a fun, colorful slice of life piece, but it becomes a deeper exploration of what it means to be artist, to grow creatively, to grow up (or never grow up?).

Jenny Hill has been an inspiration to me for years. I’m lucky to call her a friend. But you don’t need to know Jenny personally to be affected by this film. Give it a watch. You’ll need 15 minutes and probably a tissue.



I embedded the video, below.

“One Hoops” short documentary from Alexander Monelli on Vimeo.

I hope that you enjoy this film, and that it inspires you to rekindle the child-you a little more often!


NOTE: Jenny and this post reminded me of a recurring feature on my previous blog (which I now think I’ll restart here) called Talented People I Know. Here’s the first installment which, coincidentally, is about the man who introduced me to Jenny and her husband, Dan many years ago. About the same time she started hooping, come to think of it. Things really do come full Hoop, don’t they?